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    вызов тв мастера на дом

    From the author: First story. Back in 1997, I had a chance to work at the Gorky film Studio. The times were troublous, each new head of the Studio was trying to grab as much as possible, so when he died last head. the darkroom was abolished and all equipment is thrown in the trash. Including numerous negatives. As usual the people were immediately taken home every photographic equipment, while I with all this feasting got the negatives from the shoot of "Seventeen moments of spring". Then I gave it to scan, something happened - the man was gone. But after some amount of time (today) all came back in one piece, including scanned images. As I understand some photo samples, others from the shoot.

    Ryan Parrilla from new York for the first time picked up a camera when he was seven years old, starting to shoot various objects near his home. By trial and error, he gradually realized what your staff is working and what is not. A few years later the parents of Ryan gave him a SLR camera, but it proved too difficult for him, he lost interest in photography. The desire to photograph returned to the young man, when his sister introduced him to the app Instagram. The teenager opened your account and have mastered the camera given to him.

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